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Abstract guidelines and submission

Abstract submission deadline expired 15 October 2017.


Innovation may be new solutions and ideas in progress, new products, new methods and ways of service, diagnosis and treatment. The projects must be useful for society and/or business or lead to added value and benefits.


Abstracts can be in Icelandic or English. If abstracts are submitted in English, they must also be presented in English. 
Remember to use only one language in the text. If the title and body are in English, the affiliations must be as well. The same applies to Icelandic. If these rules are not adhered to the abstracts must be sent back to authors. 

Names and affiliations

Please write the author names and affilitaions accordingly: 
Full name of first author1, Full name co-author2, Full name of co-author3, Full name of co-author4, Full name of co-author5, etc.  
1Place of work or study, department, institution, 2Place of work or study, department, institution, 3Place of work or study, department, institution, 4Place of work or study, include department and institution name, 5Place of work or study, department, institution, etc.
Presenter ‘s email address


The abstract can be maximum 200 word, including the title. 


Arial 12 pt

Content and structure

The abstract should be submitted with the following four chapters:
a) Title
b) Concept and purpose of project. Describe the idea/project, what is the main concept, what is the purpose, what problem does it solve and for whom?
c) Implementation. Describe how the idea/project has been/is being/will be implemented.
d) Idea or project status. For how long has the idea/project been worked on? What is the current status? Has the idea/project for example led to the development of new products/services/treatments/patents/agreements?


Authors can choose to present orally, with a poster, video, prototype or a product. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee your choice of presentation. The conference committee reserves the right to make the final decision. 


Accepted abstracts will be puslished on the conference website.


The evaluation of abstracts is done by the Science Committee of the School of Health Sciences. The committee reserves the right to to reject abstracts that:
  • are not related to an idea on innovation in health sciences
  • do not meet the requirements of scientific content 
  • are not of quality
  • do not follow the above guidelines
If the same author submits more than one abstract they may be grouped together in the conference programme, for example in one oral presenation.


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