Háskóli Íslands

Research conference

The School of Health Sciences hosted their 18th conference on the latest developments in biomedical and health sciences in Iceland on 3 and 4 January 2017 in Háskólatorg. Close to one thousand participants attended the event. The programme included around 300 presentations and many interesting sessions entirely in English.

The programme included 173 lectures in 37 sessions, of which 16 were in English, and 113 poster presentations, covering most aspects of the biomedical and health sciences. Topics included everything from molecular biology and clinical microbiology to sports and mental and physical health during the lifespan. The sessions were interdisciplinary in order to connect people from different fields.

The conference is held every other year but this was the first time sessions in the conference will be offered in English. The School of Health Sciences felt it was important to include the growing number of international students and staff at the UI. Authors were given the possibility to submit their abstracts in English, given they would present them in English as well. The result was 79 presentations in 16 sessions entirely in English.

The conference abstracts were be published in Læknablaðið supplement journal that was distributed during the conference and available on the University of Iceland website.

See photos from the conference.

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